DIY Clown Fish Painting Kit - Creative Gift Under $20

DIY Batik Clown Fish Fabric Painting Kit - 8x8 Inch Pre Drawn Wax Design, Paint, Brush and Palette

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Experience painting on fabric and explore traditional batik painting with Color Cruiser's Batik Art kit. Each kit comes with an 8x8-inch wax batik template on silk fabric, a paint brush, a set of 6 non-toxic paint dyes and a palette.

The wax keeps the colors contained within selected sections of the template and makes it a rewarding painting experience (unless a lot of water is used when painting). Painting builds fine motor skills in children and helps them express themselves. For adults, it's a great way to relax and enjoy a new art form.

It's easy to do! Check out our painting videos at Completed pieces can be framed in a standard 8x8-inch frame available from any store. Our kits are suitable for ages 3 to 99.

 Here's a video.